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Formerly Contract Manufacturing

Capability and capacity

Today, we can co-package more than 80 million cases each year of ready-to-drink iced teas and ades, sparkling and nutrient-enhanced water, energy drinks, chilled juices, and other noncarbonated drinks, including organic and all-natural beverages. As the largest independent contract packager west of the Mississippi, we’re proud to serve such beverage-industry leaders as Coca-Cola®, Hansen’s® Beverage Company, Monster Energy® Company, Florida’s Natural® as well as Nestle® and others.

Our capabilities include:

Man inspecting the filler machine

“State of the Art” product blending rooms with fully Automated Recipe Control assures accuracy and repeatability of our client’s products. We utilize Continuous Inline Mass Flow blend systems that allow pin point control of final blending, resulting in higher yields and top quality product.

A wide selection of thermal process systems for Hot, Chilled or Ambient filling into Cans and Glass or Plastic Bottles with a large selection of closure options.

Production line running

Our 12 packaging lines are fully integrated and controlled with microprocessor based control systems that are monitored closely by our well trained operators and quality experts.

We have a large selection of labeling and packaging options available to deliver ready-for-market products to our warehouse and distribution centers, which feature Integrated Logistics Systems “ILS”.

All phases of the manufacturing process are validated and recorded continuously.

Automation, engineering, and technology are important to our success, but the most critical element is our people. Most have been with us for 10 years or longer, bringing a wealth of knowledge gained from experience.

We invite you to learn more about our contract manufacturing capabilities by exploring this section or contacting us.