Equipment Solutions

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Equipment Solutions & Services

Equipment Solutions & Services

With more than 45 years in the industry, Equipment Solutions is a leading source of quality service and maintenance to the food service, retail, and other industries. We supply a wide selection of equipment, as well as complete counter and cabinetry installations.

Equipment Solutions serves customers in the fast food, casual and fine dining, convenience store, supermarket, hospitality, and institutional markets, including healthcare, biotech and pharmaceutical industries. We provide sales and service on refrigeration equipment and supplies (cold storage), ice-making machines, service establishment equipment and supplies, restaurant supplies, freezers, coolers, fountain supplies, CO2 Alert Detectors, Draught systems and Glycol systems.

Equipment Solutions is headquartered in West Sacramento, CA and based out of our 25,000-square-foot facility. The territory we cover, spans California from Redding to Los Angeles and Orange County. Our coverage also encompasses northern Nevada.

At Nor-Cal, we make it our responsibility to ensure that we deliver excellent products while managing to bring forward an impressive customer service experience. 

Helping You Find and Maintain The Right Equipment

There’s an important distinction in what we do that’s reflected in our name, we provide solutions. Because we’ve installed, maintained and repaired equipment for many years, we can provide options for you to consider, with the reasoning behind our suggestions.

Our services include equipment recommendations, installation, routine maintenance, and repairs.

Full-Service Installations

One of the drawbacks of our industry is that the products we install are among the last items completed before a business can open. Compressed timelines often put hefty demands on us to complete the work quickly. Fortunately for our customers, we’re comfortable under that pressure. We stay on top of the project and have everything ready to install the minute we get the go ahead. That ability has earned us an excellent reputation in the industry.

We also earn high marks for the skill of our technicians. On average, our technicians have worked with us for 10 years and have worked in the industry for an average of 17 years. Several of our technicians have been with us for 25 years or longer. Regardless of their level of experience at hiring, new Nor-Cal technicians go through complete training programs.

Fast Repairs

We take pride in the quick reaction times of our service department. Our fully staffed dispatch center is available around the clock to ensure you receive an immediate response and prioritize calls by urgency. Our emergency on-call team can be dispatched to keep your business running with minimal disruption.

Whether it’s a broken walk-in cooler or leaky valve, we have the personnel, parts, and equipment to get you back in business. During monthly training sessions, our repair technicians receive ongoing manufacturer training on equipment upgrades so that we stay up to speed with the latest advances.

On-Hand Parts Inventory

To ensure you never have to wait for parts to arrive, we stock thousands of parts at our onsite parts facility, including large and small parts and ample supplies of commonly required items. We also keep our vehicles fully stocked with common parts to provide immediate repairs. Because we buy parts from our equipment suppliers, you feel confident that we have the right parts for your equipment.

Having the right equipment is very crucial to keep a business running. We understand this need, and have many parts readily available to be sold, customer or not. 

Preventive Maintenance For Longer Equipment Life

We offer routine, ongoing maintenance to extend equipment life and keep it operating a peak performance. It is important that our customer’s know our commitment in keeping their business and equipment running to ensure functionality. A dedicated technician group provides preventive maintenance to customers who purchase equipment from us. We can also provide preventive maintenance to customers who purchase equipment elsewhere.