December 2021 – Patty Olvera
A woman who perseveres


Patty Olvera is one of the few people who has worked in both our Anaheim and West Sacramento locations. Patty has persevered through every hardship in her life and works hard to achieve her goals. Patty is part of our Inventory Control Department and has been part of the Nor-Cal Beverage family for more than 20 years. For this month’s Employee Highlight, we wanted to share Patty’s story with her co-workers and friends.

Patty was born and raised in Mexico. She immigrated to Contra Costa, California when she was only 14 years old. When Patty first arrived, she didn’t know the language and struggled to adapt the first few months. Patty was determined to learn and began taking English as a Second Language classes at the local Adult School. Once the program concluded, Patty attended Orange County Community College to continue her studies. She took computer, Word, Excel, and English classes to better her skills. Patty then began looking for a job in an area that best fit her skills. 

By 1990, Patty found a great opportunity and started working for Mindscape Company in their Shipping and Receiving Department. While working for Mindscape, Patty had to move frequently because the company moved locations every few years. When Patty first started, the company was in Costa Mesa, then Azusa, until eventually, they relocated to Vacaville, California. Patty worked for Mindscape for about 10 years until they closed in 2000. She started looking for a job in the Vacaville area shortly after. Patty wanted a job that was stable and in one location. Patty’s friend, Janet Saballos, whom she had met while working for Mindscape Company, mentioned Nor-Cal Beverage was hiring in their West Sacramento location. Patty agreed to an interview and was hired a couple of weeks later.

Patty joined Nor-Cal Beverage in June of 2000 and started in the Planning Department. Patty also helped in other departments including Shipping and Inventory. Patty enjoyed working in the West Sacramento location, but she eventually wanted to move back to Southern California to be closer to her family. Patty worked in the West Sacramento location for 7 years and then transferred to the Anaheim location in 2007. Patty joined the Inventory Control team in Anaheim and is now an Inventory Control Specialist.

Even after 21 years, Patty said she enjoys working for Nor-Cal and continues to grow and learn every day. “I was so young when I started and grew up with the company. They allowed me to do what I like.”, she said. Patty likes that Nor-Cal is family-owned, everyone is treated like family, and her team is always supportive. “When I first started, my English wasn’t perfect, but everyone was supportive and trusted me with my skills, and I am grateful for that.”, she said. Patty said she is happy and always feels appreciated. Patty enjoys the fast-paced environment and learning new things every day. “Every company we partner with is different and I like to learn all their requirements and how they want certain things. It makes my job more challenging and enjoyable.”

Patty feels everyone at Nor-Cal is inspiring. “We are a group of people who help each other succeed. Everyone is important from the person sweeping the floor to the managers. Everyone here is inspiring to me.”, she said. Patty also said Nor-Cal supports hundreds of families who work here, and they are all key contributors who help Nor-Cal succeed.

Patty is happily married and has a son. Patty likes to travel and be with her family in her spare time.  She likes to learn everything about the country or place she is visiting from the food, the culture, and the people. Patty said she hasn’t had the time to travel because of the pandemic but it is in her future plans.  

Nor-Cal Beverage would not be where it is today if not for all our dedicated employees who work hard and persevere. Patty is a great role model, and we are thankful for her continued dedication. Patty wanted to wish everyone at Nor-Cal a safe and cheerful holiday.