January 2023 – James “Rick” King
A man with a love for autobody


James “Rick” King has been with Nor-Cal Beverage for more than 30 years. Rick is driven, handy, and an overall outstanding leader when it comes to his career and what he does for Nor-Cal Beverage. As part of our January monthly employee feature, we wanted to share his journey with his co-workers and friends.

Rick was born to military parents in South Carolina where he spent part of his childhood. Rick is the youngest of two children and has an older sister. When Rick was young, his family decided to relocate and move to Sacramento, California. His family lived in the Arden area where he attended Encina High School. Rick began to show an interest in autobody work and paint in High School. His father, andhis former Scoutmaster, worked on automobile projects together. Rick always liked to help out whenever he had the chance. Rick’s sister’s boyfriend also did auto body work, and he would work on projects at Rick’s house. Rick liked to help him as well. By his junior year of High School, Rick joined Regional Occupational Program (ROP). This program allowed Rick to learn more about autobody repair and painting. Rick discovered he had a knack for the trade, and he loved it. During his time in the program, Rick worked on his car, as well as several other cars. Once he was out of High School, Rick attended the Wyoming Technical Institute and studied Automotive Technology.

In 1989, Rick’s stepfather worked for Nor-Cal Beverage in the vending and purchasing department. Rick was looking for a job within his skill set and asked his stepfather if there were any positions open in the company. The Autobody Shop focused on repairs and/or paint jobs for company vehicles and other projects. Rick’s stepfather thought this department would be a great fit for Rick. He spoke to the Autobody Shop manager at the time and mentioned Rick was interested in working in the department. In need of help, the manager asked Rick to come in for an interview. Rick got the job and started off as an apprentice. Rick worked his way up in the department and excelled at everything he did. By 2002, Rick became the Automotive Shop Supervisor and in January 2017, Automotive Mechanic Manager.

Rick has been with Nor-Cal Beverage for more than 30 years and says he has stayed for as long as he has because he is extremely comfortable.  “Nor-Cal Beverage has done great things for me and my family and I am comfortable with what I do”, he said. Rick is happy to come to work every day and has never been interested in leaving. Rick loves the Deary family and all that they have given him. “I really appreciate what they have done for me, and I try to do whatever I can for the family and for Nor-Cal Beverage”, he said. Rick’s department is small, but everyone is close and helpful. “My department is small, but we all try and get things done”, he said. The department always helps other departments when they can. “We are not stuck doing trucks and cars, we also like to do other things. If we can get our hands dirty in doing something else to help others, we always give it a shot.”, he said.

Rick’s passion for autobody work mostly came from first-hand experience, but also from someone in his life who supported him in that line of work. Rick’s Scoutmaster was a big influence in his life, and he deeply admired him. “My old Scoutmaster was the one who really made me realize my passion for autobody work and paint”, he said. Rick admired the way his Scoutmaster treated others and how dedicated he was to his work. Rick discovered how much he liked this line of work and is grateful to have had people like his Scoutmaster as a positive influence in his life.

His line of work allows Rick to be creative and he really enjoys that. Another way Rick expresses his creativity is at home. Rick enjoys working in the yard, garden, and shop. Rick has a shop at his house where he completes little projects. He also likes cleaning his yard, and he and his wife enjoy gardening together. Rick has been married for 25 years. He has two children, one boy, and one girl. His daughter is expecting and is due in March, and his son is expecting with his girlfriend, they are due in July.  Rick is excited to be a grandfather and can’t wait to spoil his grandchildren.

Nor-Cal Beverage is thankful for all the years of hard work Rick King has given the company. He is dedicated and we are extremely grateful. Our facility and vehicles are in great shape because of leaders like you. Thank you, Rick!