July 2021 – Julieta Sinambal
A woman with a love for numbers and family


Julieta Sinambal has worked at our Anaheim facility since we purchased it in 1999.  As a member of our Accounting Department, Julieta has been passionate about numbers all her life. With over 30 years of experience in the field and 22 years with the Nor-Cal Beverage family, Julieta wanted to share her story with co-workers and friends.

Julieta was born and raised in the Philippines. Education was very important to Julieta’s family and her parents always wanted to provide her with the best education. Julieta attended private school in her younger years and an all-girls Catholic high school. Once she graduated high school, Julieta continued with higher education as a student at St. Paul College, an all-girls Catholic school. Julieta married her husband in 1979 and had two children while still living in the Philippines. “I was married very young,” Julieta recalled.  She was in the Accounting program at St. Paul College for two years but left before she could finish to focus on her family. In 1988, Julieta’s family decided to move to the United States in search of a better future.

When Julieta first arrived in the U.S., she went looking for a job in the Accounting field. She went to a temporary agency, and they sent her to a Coca-Cola facility. When Julieta first started with Coca-Cola, she was in their Accounting, Purchasing and Payroll Department. By 1989, Julieta became a regular, full-time employee with Coca-Cola. She was with Cola-Cola for 8 years until they transitioned to a different company. Julieta was with the new company for 2 years. Things did not go as planned and she decided to search of another job. Julieta’s husband was a Certified Public Accountant,  and he was always traveling. Julieta wanted to be closer to home, in case of an emergency, and so  she could be closer to her kids. While looking at different companies, she came across Nor-Cal Beverage. She liked the location of the facility and how everyone seemed to be very nice and family oriented. “The schedule was great, and it was only 15 minutes from my house,” Julieta said. She was hired in 1999 and has been with Nor-Cal ever since.

While working for Nor-Cal, Julieta has remained part of the Accounting team, but mentioned she always tries to help in other areas and departments. “When we first opened, everyone was crossed trained and helped each other in any way we could,” she said. Even though Julieta is part of the Accounting team, she will help with administrative tasks. Julieta mentioned she helps the front desk or covers wherever she is needed. Although the Accounting Department is small and she is the only Accounting employee in Anaheim, she stated that everyone on her team is helpful, responsible and treat each other like family. “Compared to other places I worked for, they have always been corporate oriented, Nor-Cal is family oriented, and I liked that very much,” Julieta said.  “We all work together and help each other out”, Julieta said.

Family is very important to Julieta and in her free time, she loves to spend time with her children and grandchildren. She has 3 children: John, Patrick and Laurize. All are married, and she has 4 grandsons and 2 granddaughters. Julieta said her family is what inspires her to do her best. “Family is what keeps me going.”  Julieta also loves to tend to her garden. She tries to bring flowers to the office every week whenever she gets a chance. “I love flowers, cutting and taking care of them,” she said.  Julieta is dedicated to work, church, and family. Julieta is very passionate about what she does and works hard to balance these three things in her life. “I like what I do, and that is what is important to me,” Julieta said. Julieta stated she is grateful to Nor-Cal and is happy to continue to be part of the family. Nor-Cal is fortunate to have employees like Julieta who love their job and are dedicated to everything that they do at home and at work. Employees like Julieta are what make our Anaheim team thrive!