March 2023 – Veronica Rios
A woman who always smiles


Veronica Rios has been part of our Anaheim team since 2008 working as a Dispatcher. Veronica has over 20 years of experience in clerical work and is an expert in the area. Veronica is a mother of 4 and one of many women who continue to support Nor-Cal Beverage’s success. As part of the March employee highlight, we wanted to share Veronica’s story with her friends and co-workers.

Veronica was born and raised in La Mirada, CA. She grew up in a big family and was one of 9 children. Veronica attended La Mirada High School and graduated in 1994. Once she was done with high school, she wanted to pursue her associate’s degree and attended Fullerton College. Veronica studied general education and also worked as a customer service clerk at the college. By that time, Veronica already had her first two sons and was looking to better herself to provide for her children. . After a year of college, Veronica decided to leave school and look for a full-time job instead.  As a young adult, Veronica was very shy but the clerical position helped her get out of her shell.

Veronica went to an agency called Select Remedy Staffing and worked on assignments in various jobs for a few years. Veronica mostly worked clerical entry-level jobs including warehouse clerk and warehouse administrator. By 2008, the staffing agency sent her to Nor-Cal Beverage for a temporary dispatcher position. She was in the temporary role for 3 months until management offered her a full-time job. Veronica has been in the Anaheim Warehouse Dispatcher position ever since and said she couldn’t be happier.

Veronica has now been with Nor-Cal Beverage for almost 15 years. “The company has been good to me, and I get paid well,” she said. Veronica mentioned no one in the industry can offer her the pay and benefits Nor-Cal does which is why she has stayed with the company for as long as she has. Veronica also likes working with her team and all the management. “We all work as a team and communicate with each other,” she said. Her team works well together and they never have any issues with one another. Veronica also said she loves her schedule and work hours because it fits with her daily life. Veronica is also an expert at her job. Because of her years of experience in the role, Veronica knows every detail about her job duties and is confident in what she does. Veronica also likes to train people and share her knowledge with others, and she can do that in her current role.

Aside from her work, Veronica is really into fitness and spending time with her family. Fitness has always been part of her daily routine and she has been consistent for years. Veronica also likes to skate and go to the movies with her family. Veronica has 4 children, 3 boys who are now all adults and a 7-year-old girl. Veronica mentioned she is inspired by her children and fiancé to continue to keep working hard and be her best self for them. “I try to always be strong if I am going through anything and keep a smile on my face,” she said. She always tries to put her best foot forward and put a smile on her face even if she is going through difficult times.

Nor-Cal Beverage is lucky to have reliable, hardworking, and dedicated women working for the company like Veronica. She is not only a great mother but a valued employee. Thank you for your continued support and dedication to the company all these years. You make our Anaheim team unique!