September 2023 – Danny Sanchez
A man who is a team player


Danny Sanchez has been with Nor-Cal Beverage for more than 10 years. He is reliable, hardworking, and an overall outstanding leader when it comes to his career and what he does for Nor-Cal Beverage. As part of our September monthly employee feature, we wanted to share Danny’s journey with his co-workers and friends.

Danny was born in Norwalk, California to a big family. He has five siblings and is the middle child. Danny said growing up, he was surrounded by family including his uncles, aunts, and cousins. Danny attended John Glenn High School and graduated in 2002. Upon graduating, he decided to move to Riverside, CA and join the workforce. Danny found a seasonal part time job through a temporary agency and worked mostly part time warehouse jobs for the next few years. The agency would send him to different locations, and he would have forklift jobs or general warehouse work. 

In 2006, Danny found a full-time job at Walmart and Sams Club Cold Storage Warehouse. He stayed with the company for two years until they moved locations. Danny found himself jobless and began looking for another job. He went back to the agency, and they placed him at Toyo Tires in Ontario, CA. He worked on assignment at Toyo Tires from 2008 to 2010. He resigned in 2010 because the company didn’t have any open positions. Danny wanted something stable that offered him benefits and opportunities for growth. He started working with his brother doing autobody. His brother had been in the industry for a while and Danny said he learned the basics from him. Danny worked with him for a year but still felt like there was no opportunity for growth. In 2012, he went to an agency called Diamond Staffing in Buena Park, CA to look for a full-time job. The staffing agency let him know about Nor-Cal Beverage and Danny agreed to the assignment.

Danny began as a temporary employee at Nor-Cal Beverage in February 2012. He was with the agency until April 2013 when he became a regular, full-time employee. Danny was offered an LTO position, and he took the job. Danny started in the Anaheim warehouse as a line puller LTO on second shift. Danny was moved around in the beginning because he was always willing to help in all areas. Danny later worked as a chilled loader for a year. He then transferred to the Distribution Center in Fullerton and worked third shift. He remembers for the first few years he would move back and forth from the distribution center to the facility in Anaheim. “They liked that I was flexible and reliable.”, he said. In 2016, there was an LTO Lead position available, and Danny applied. Danny was interviewed and management offered him the position. Danny went back to second shift in Fullerton as the LTO Lead. He was in the position from 2016-2021. In 2021, Danny received a promotion and became the Warehouse Supervisor for the Fullerton Distribution Center and holds the position today.

Danny enjoys working for the company because he gets to help others. “Whenever I see one of my guys behind on loading, I always ask if they need to help and make sure we all get our job done.”, he said. Danny also said his team has great communication. Whenever he is in Fullerton, he tries to stay in touch with Anaheim and vice versa. He said he gets to be at both locations every day and helps whenever necessary. Danny has always been a team player and extremely reliable. When West Sacramento’s Distribution Center was opening its second location, Danny volunteered to help the team for two weeks in Northern California.  “I always want to be helpful, so I volunteered when they asked who wanted to go help the Distribution Center in Sacramento.”, he said.

As far as the company, Danny said he feels comfortable and at home when he is at work. The Deary family treats him with respect and everyone here is like family. Danny said he remembers the first time he met Tim Deary, former Executive Vice President of Transportation and Logistics. “When I first met Tim Deary, he treated me like he knew me and I was like family.”, he said. Danny also said his team is hardworking and works well as a team. “My team has always communicated well, and it makes everything run smooth.”, he said. Danny has stayed for as long as he has because the company allows him to provide for his family and it’s a stable job. He never worried about being laid off during the pandemic because the company kept running. Danny said he is grateful to the company and will continue to work hard with his team to make sure everything runs smoothly for years to come. 

In his free time, Danny enjoys spending time with his family. He is happily married and is a father of 4. His first babies were a set of twins, and they were only two years old when he started working for Nor-Cal Beverage. The twins are now teenagers, and he has a 5-year-old and a two-year-old. He enjoys taking his family on trips to San Diego and said he goes 3-4 times a year to explore the city. Danny also said he likes taking his family to amusement parks or spending the weekend with his family barbequing.

Nor-Cal Beverage is thankful for all the years of hard work Danny Sanchez has given the company. Danny is hard-working and dependable, and we are extremely grateful. Our warehouses in Anaheim and Fullerton are running smoothly because of leaders like you. Thank you, Danny, for all that you do for the company!