Career Development

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Career Development

We’re committed to providing our employees with opportunities to advance in their careers. Some of the ways we demonstrate that commitment is through our tuition reimbursement program, extensive in-house training schedule, and our promote-from-within philosophy. Be sure to check our job listings often and let us know when you find a job that interests you by submitting a job application through our recruitment page.

Extensive Training 

Not only do we invest in the latest technology of manufacturing equipment, but we also reinvest in our employees’ continued education of management operation systems. By working with Powers Group, together we develop an approach that addresses opportunities and helps us achieve our vision for the company.

Our staff has worked closely with Powers Group to determine current reporting systems, volumes, standards, capacities, line configurations, and improvement opportunities that existed in their respective areas. Here is some of their feedback regarding the partnership: 

Communication in all facets has improved. Supervisor communication is focused and aligned between shifts and within the shift. Everyone is managing to a target, operators have increased their communication regarding the reason for delay, equipment operating issues and asking about future events they need to be aware.  – Sergio Valadez, Production Supervisor 
The communication between the parts room and maintenance has improved since the start of this project and the tools that we have been given will only help to improve that communications and our overall performance.   – Tim Wilbanks, Purchasing Manager
I have found this process of implementing an MOS system for the maintenance team challenging but also very rewarding. Working with Powers, they helped us build and strengthened the maintenance team with its current and new process. We were able to open up and include conversations with the parts department and bridge a gap, which allowed us to collaborate with ideas to meet our goals quicker.  – Amanda Greer, Maintenance Planner