Warehousing & Logistics

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Warehousing & Logistics

Our distribution center

We provide temporary warehouse storage and distribution at both facilities. In Anaheim, our warehouses offer more than 200,000 square feet of ambient and chilled storage with 32 available dock positions and a full service Certified Public Truck Scale. Our West Sacramento locations provide nearly a million square feet of onsite storage with 48 dock positions and additional storage near by.

People Plus Technology

 truck loading station

Maintaining visibility of product location and control product routing are critical pieces of the contract-manufacturing puzzle. We have invested heavily in hiring, training and retaining warehouse employees and in supporting their efforts with fully integrated coding, tracking, warehouse management and logistics control systems. As a result, we know where your products are at all times and when they need to be staged for distribution so that our warehouse staff can get them to the docks on time. In addition, we ensure finished products remain safe in our completely secured facilities with pass-card security and video-surveillance monitoring.

We use our integrated logistics systems (ILS) and Systems Applications and Products (SAP) to optimize our inbound and outbound strategy, beginning when raw ingredients arrive at our facilities. As ingredients become products, we code and track them through packaging and palletizing. Our warehouse mapping system allows us to plan slotting according to size and shipping times, so your products can be quickly located and delivered to the dock for shipping.

Should you ever need to investigate a food safety or quality claim, we maintain full reports for years, enabling us to do contact tracing and retraces every step from raw ingredient, packaging arrival to finished product shipping.

Customer Service and Support

As a customer, you always have immediate access to a dedicated representative to answer your calls. Our information systems give your representative a clear view of all ingredients, products, and shipping information so you receive immediate answers to your questions.

Our warehouses are also EDI capable to simplify tracking and automate logistics tasks. For customers who choose to add active tags during packaging or palletizing, we offer remote inventory, allowing you to monitor product status via a secure web portal.

Veteran Staff

One of the key benefits you get from working with us is the long tenure of our warehousing staff. While the average tenure for warehouse employees nationwide is only five years, most of our employees have been with us for ten years or longer. The difference a dedicated workforce makes in managing product storage and handling can make all the difference in on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.