September 2022 – Ericka Brady-Jones
A welcoming and positive woman


Ericka Brady-Jones is one of the most recognizable employees at Nor-Cal Beverage. Ericka is friendly, welcoming and the first face you see when entering our corporate offices. As one of our employees who has been with Nor-Cal Beverage for more than 15 years, we wanted to share Ericka’s story with her co-workers and friends.

Ericka was born in New York City. Her father was in the Airforce and was transferred to the Travis Air Force base in Fairfield, California when Ericka was only 3 years old. Ericka’s family settled in Sacramento and lived there for a few years. When she was 15 years old, she moved back to New York to live with her grandmother for a year. Ericka came back to Sacramento because New York weather was too cold. Ericka attended and graduated from Kennedy High School in Sacramento. Ericka took a yearlong break right after High School before attending Sacramento City College. She was looking to study something where she would learn all subjects. Ericka graduated in 1992 with an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts.

Right after college, Ericka started working for Chevron Stations Inc. as a cashier. By 2002, she was promoted to Station Manager. Her new position was very demanding, requiring her to travel anywhere from Rocklin to El Dorado Hills to open new stores for the company and she had to work long hours. Ericka’s son was very young during that time, and she would have to drop him off at daycare and travel a lot. Ericka wanted to be closer to her son and thus decided to leave Chevron Stations Inc. In 2004, Ericka started working for her good friend’s business called California Business Telephones. The company installed business telephones and other telecommunication services. Ericka started off in the main offices as a customer service representative. She would set up appointments for job services or phone installations. Ericka eventually started helping with phone installations and other services. Ericka decided to leave California Business Telephones once her second child was born to be a stay-at-home mom for a while.  Ericka started working temporary assignments through an agency. She wanted a job that was flexible for her children and the temporary agency was perfect. Ericka was sent to different businesses from nonprofit organizations to the Sacramento County IHSS Public Authority where she provided administrative support.

In August 2005, the temporary agency sent Ericka to Nor-Cal Beverage’s Distribution Center. Ericka began working for the soda division and helped with sales calls and provided administrative support. She worked as a temporary employee for 5 months until she was offered full-time employment in February 2006. When the soda division was sold, Ericka moved to the corporate offices and was given the role of Corporate Receptionist. She has been in the position ever since and says she has enjoyed every moment of it.  “I love it because it’s not just answering phones, it’s helping people,” she said. Ericka mentioned every workday is different, she gets to help all departments, and this makes her job interesting. “It’s not the same thing every day and I love it, I love dealing with people,” Ericka said. Ericka also mentioned she has stayed with Nor-Cal Beverage because of the Deary Family.  “The family has been great, you can talk to them, and they make you feel comfortable,” she said. Ericka also loves the people she works with because they are all special and unique. Ericka’s job also allows her to interact with a lot of people. “You get to know people, If I were in a different position, I wouldn’t get to know all the people the way I do now,” she said. Ericka has been in the position for 16 years and says she’s loved every moment of it.  

Apart from being an exceptional employee, Ericka is also dedicated to her lovely family. Ericka maintains a positive attitude which she learned from her grandmother. “My grandmother taught me that you get to choose your attitude when you wake up, you choose to be happy then you’ll go to work, you will be happy,” she said. Ericka’s grandmother was her biggest motivator and taught her a lot about being a people person and how to succeed. “She is my rock and I miss her. She was an overall amazing person,” Ericka said about her grandmother. Ericka has been happily married for 22 years to her husband Erick and has two children. Her older son Dominic is now 27, and her youngest son Dorian is 18 years old. In her free time, Ericka loves spending time with her family. They have family gatherings often or go watch movies together and always enjoy each other’s company.

Ericka Brady-Jones is the most welcoming and reliable employee. She represents the company gracefully and always with a positive attitude. We are extremely grateful to have Ericka as part of the Nor-Cal Beverage Team. Thank you, Ericka, for being dedicated to the company for the past 16 years. We are lucky to have you!