Shannon Deary-Bell: 2022 Most Admired CEO
By the Sacramento Business Journal


Shannon Deary-Bell was awarded ‘Most Admired CEO’ by the Sacramento Business Journal for 2022! To honor all recognized CEOs, the Sacramento Business Journal hosted a black-tie gala event to celebrate all honorees on March 9. Congratulations Shannon Deary-Bell for your excellence and leadership this past year. 

Shannon discussed her work during the pandemic and the importance of supporting her employees during these unprecedented times: 

On navigating the pandemic: “The health and safety of our employees are of utmost importance. For the past two years, we have closely monitored our workforce, implemented health guidelines internally before they were mandated, and applied flexible work schedules and remote work, where possible.

“Understanding the employees’ needs for flexibility, we have moved to flexible remote work schedules for our employees who can work remotely. Most of our employees are working in the manufacturing and manufacturing support positions and remote work is not feasible. My concern as CEO and running a family-owned and operated company is when we have employees who work remotely 100% of the time, you lose that camaraderie and family-type atmosphere. It’s not the same when one communicates through email and Zoom calls. Our employees are the extension of our family and I believe we all need personal interaction with our co-workers to appreciate and understand all facets of the business.

“My goal is to make sure we continue to focus on growing the company as we have these past five years, in which we doubled the size of our business, and are planning for doubling its size again over the next few years. We can only do this by staying true to our core values which recognizes and acknowledges our extended family, our employees. Nor-Cal Beverage Co. Inc. is a great business because of the great employees we have working for us. Through these past two years, we’ve seen how family truly comes together and overcomes obstacles we have no control over. Our company will face unprecedented challenges that we can only overcome by responding, learning and adjusting as a team. I believe if we continue to support each other and work as a team, we can overcome any obstacle and continue growing as a company.”

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