Human Rights

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Human Rights

At Nor-Cal Beverage Co., Inc. we believe that the global economy and businesses like ours need to do much more to ensure that work empowers people. We believe we can, and should, play a role in increasing opportunity for people to thrive in the workplaces and communities we touch. At Nor-Cal Beverage, we seek to promote and respect human rights across our entire value chain and believe everyone touched by our business should be treated with dignity, fairness and respect. Our work is guided by Nor-Cal Beverage’s global human rights policies regarding Forced Labor, Child Labor, Human Trafficking and Slavery, Freedom of Association, Compensation & Benefits, Discrimination, Health & Safety, Work Hours, Environment, and Ethics which are in line with the international guiding principles on business and human rights. 

We believe collaboration is critical to making progress in addressing complex and systemic human rights issues. We work with governments, businesses and communities to advance shared goals across our value chain.

Child Labor

All forms of unlawful employment or exploitation of children are prohibited. No individuals are hired under age 16 or under the legal age of work or compulsory schooling, whichever is higher. Individuals under 18 years of age are not hired for positions that include hazardous work or that interfere with normal educational activities.

Where applicable, child protection measures are in place to ensure that children suffer no harm, exploitation, or abuse as a result of the activities of workers in the workplace or in employer-provided housing or transport.

Compensation & Benefits

All legally mandated wages and benefits are provided. Payment is made on time and on a bi-weekly basis. Deductions are not taken from pay as punishment. Itemized records are maintained, consistent with this standard, and transparent pay information is provided in a timely manner. Pregnancy, maternity and lactation benefits, including relevant protections, leave, and accommodations, are provided in accordance with the law.


Discrimination or harassment in hiring, pay, promotion, or in the workplace on the basis of any status protected by applicable law is prohibited. All forms of abuse or harassment in the workplace is prohibited.


Compliance with applicable environmental laws, particularly with regard to waste, air and water. All required environmental permits for use and disposal of water and waste are obtained. Legal title to or a legal lease for its land is obtained, and there are no indications that the supplier’s right to own or lease that land is contested.


Nor-Cal Beverage complies with all applicable laws, including those pertaining to bribery, corruption, or any type of fraudulent business practice.

Forced Labor

All forms of forced labor are prohibited, including any form of prison, trafficked, indentured, or bonded labor. Original personal identification and travel documents are not retained, and freedom of movement is not restricted. Workers are not charged or required to pay fees or deposits to obtain or maintain employment. Pay is not withheld, and no conditions are present that constrain a worker’s ability to freely choose employment. Accurate and understandable information regarding the nature of work, compensation, work hours, and benefits is provided in writing in advance of employment.

Freedom of Association

The right to join, not join, or form a labor union in accordance with the law is respected without fear of reprisal, intimidation, or harassment.

Health & Safety

A safe and hygienic workplace is provided in compliance with the law, and systems are in place to detect and manage potential risks to workers. Workers undertake health and safety training, hazardous materials and chemicals are properly stored, and workers are provided with the appropriate personal protective equipment. Health and hygiene of workers is provided for as relevant at the site, including toilet facilities, access to drinking water and food safety. Unreasonable restrictions are not placed on workers’ toilet, rest, or lactation breaks.

Issues Reporting

Workers will be aware of, and have access to, a complaints mechanism that is transparent, responsive, anonymous, unbiased, and confidential through which they can raise questions about or report violations of policies, expectations, other workplace grievances, or legal or ethical violations. Retaliation against workers reporting violations or cooperating in investigations is prohibited.