January 2022 – Yevonne Allison
A mother devoted to her work and family


With over 30 years of experience in accounting, Yevonne Allison is exceptional in her role as Accounts Receivable Specialist, and a key contributor to our Finance department. Yevonne always puts a smile on everyone’s faces with her great sense of humor and her contagious laugh. As one of the employees who have been with Nor-Cal Beverage for more than 20 years, we wanted to share Yevonne’s story on this month’s Employee Highlight.

Yevonne was raised in Newark, California, and is the eldest of 5 children. Yevonne and her siblings would spend their days playing outside until the sun went down. Yevonne enjoyed being a child in the 1970s because there was no technology and she loved being outdoors. She attended Memorial High School in the Bay Area. After graduating from high school, Yevonne worked odd jobs for a few years. In 1984 Yevonne started working for a real estate company in Fremont as the receptionist and administrative assistant. Yevonne later got married and had two daughters, Jessica and Taylor, who are 8 years apart.

Yevonne left the real estate company in 1989 and began working for a seminar company called NASI (real estate seminar investment which specialized in selling land. Yevonne typed quitclaim deeds for NASI. The company was in Stockton, California but a couple of years later, they relocated out of state. NASI decided to keep Yevonne and allowed her to work from home. In 1995, Yevonne’s daughter, Taylor, was born and Yevonne made the decision to move to Pollock Pines, California. Yevonne had a few friends who lived in the area, and she thought it would be a perfect place to raise her daughters. Yevonne continued to work for NASI from home until 1997.

Yevonne began looking for a job nearby that would fit her qualifications and heard about Nor-Cal Beverage. She had a friend who worked for Nor-Cal in the Stockton branch and heard great things about the company. Yevonne saw a job posting for the Diamond Springs location and decided to apply. Yevonne started working for accounts receivable in Diamond Springs and assisted with invoicing and other tasks. Yevonne said the entire staff was supportive from the beginning, and she learned so much. “When I first started, I was very lucky to work under Connie, who taught me everything and was very knowledgeable,” Yevonne explained. Yevonne spent 9 years in Diamonds Spring until the location closed and was merged with the Loomis location. Yevonne spent another 8 years doing accounts receivable for the entire beer division in Loomis. By 2014, Nor-Cal’s beer division was sold and there were staff changes made internally. Tim Deary, former Executive Vice President of Transportation and Logistics, decided to create a position specifically for Yevonne and she was placed in West Sacramento’s Corporate Office. Yevonne took over accounts receivable for the entire company and has been in the position ever since.

Yevonne said she has worked for Nor-Cal for more than 20 years because of her co-workers and the company’s support. “They are all very supportive with whatever I need,” she said. Yevonne mentioned being a single mother was difficult, but she could always count on her coworkers for support. Yevonne also enjoys the great benefits Nor-Cal offers and that the company is family-owned. “We are all a big family, and we all work as a team and support each other,” she said. Yevonne is happy with what she has accomplished and has enjoyed every minute of it. “When you are happy with what you are doing, where your life is, and where you are headed, that is success to me,” she said.

Yevonne has always worked hard to reach her goals and stated it’s because of her mother and father. “My parents worked hard all of their lives, raised 5 kids, and are the most genuine and happiest people I know,” she said. Family is important to Yevonne, and she always does her best to spend time with them. Yevonne now has 2 grandchildren, William and Cooper, whom she adores. She likes swimming and watching her grandsons fish by the lake. In her free time, Yevonne loves to be outdoors and enjoys kayaking. “I am a summer person and I love doing everything outdoors.”

Nor-Cal Beverage is fortunate to have employees like Yevonne Allison who are dedicated to everything they do at home and in their careers. She is not only a great mother but a valued employee. Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication to the Nor-Cal family!